Home Buying Advice

How to Avoid Being House Poor

how to avoid being house poor

When you buy a home, you do not want to end being house poor! Find out what it is and how to avoid being house poor!

What Your Mortgage Broker Wishes You Knew

home buyer misconceptions about mortgage brokers

If you are buying a home, then you need to learn about some commonly held buyer misconceptions about mortgage brokers...

Ugly But Honest Truth About Real Estate Reality TV

The ugly but honest truth about real estate reality television shows

Let's talk about out the ugly but honest truth about real estate reality television shows...

Being Prepared Means Being Pre-Approved

why get pre approved when buying a house

Find out why being prepared to buy a home means being Pre-Approved!

Your Wake Up Call to Buy a Home?

time right buy buying house home

Do not hit that snooze button because it may be time to buy a home based on recent news!

Home Buying 101

home house buy buying down payments credit scores reports closing costs

Home Ownership and Building Wealth

rent versus buy own building wealth net worth

Funny picture but there is a HUGE difference between the net worth of home owners and renters...

House Buying Regrets

Learn how to avoid having regrets about buying a house

The Ugly But Honest Truth About Low Ball Offers

lowball offers buying house home

How to Buy Land or Lots

The ultimate guide to buying land or lots

While this website has properties for sale in the Anderson SC area, this article is about buying land or lots in any location! So if you want to understand more about the process to buy land or lots, read on!

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