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Cheap Curb Appeal Tips

cheap curb appeal tips when selling house

I am sure you have heard the old saying “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”. Pretty smart policy, especially when it comes to people. But if you are selling a house, buyers are going to be judging your home by it’s cover!


Let's learn about curb appeal and how to cheaply boost your home's curb appeal!

Why Your Home Isn’t Selling

why reasons house home not selling sell

Selling your home can be challenging. Both emotionally, because it is your house, and also in financial terms. If your house isn’t selling, there are some common reasons why. It is possible to correct them and make your property more desirable to prospective home buyers. Here’s a quick list of reasons why your house could be sitting instead of selling!

Bathroom Design Boo Boos

bathroom design remodel renovation

Whether you are looking to sell or remodel home your home, let's talk about bathroom design and renovations!

Get The Price You Want For Your Home

get the price you want when selling a home

Painting the Interior of Your Home

Learn about painting the interior of your home and some common house painting mistakes

Should I Install Granite Counter Tops When Selling My Home

granite counter tops kitchen sell selling home house 

More Sunshine In Your Home

more sunshine natural light house home 

Eliminate Stress When Selling Your Home

stress sell selling house home 

A Smile On Your Face at Closing

smile sell selling house home 

Memories, Emotions and Your Bottom Line

memories emotions home house selling sell 

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