Should I Install Granite Counter Tops When Selling My Home

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In trying to analyze kitchen trends I thought it would be worthwhile to reach out and get another expert opinion from a well respected Realtor. I decided to ask Bill Gassett a top Westborough Mass real estate agent. Bill is an online friend and has almost thirty years experience selling homes. Having been around for nearly three decades he has seen his fair share of changes in real estate industry trends.


I asked Bill what was the one thing that really can make a difference in a kitchen when you are selling a home.


Here is what Bill has to say:


Mark first thanks for asking me to share a bit of my knowledge with your readers. I know that in various areas of the county there can be dramatic swings and preferences and expectations for things in a home.


I am sure the kitchen in particular is no different. In my area of Massachusetts (Worcester County) which is about 25 miles West of Boston without a doubt there are two huge hot buttons for kitchens. These include granite counters and stainless steel appliances. They actually go hand in hand and buyers believe it or not expect them in a home. I live in a fairly affluent area in this is probably part of the reason why.


In fact once you get to a certain price point if a home does not have granite counters you will see homes getting discounted. The days of people accepting forma and even Corian today are long gone.


One of the questions that perspective sellers will often ask me is should I upgrade to granite counter tops. The answer is almost always yes as the return on investment is one of the best things you can do to a home. Really the only time I would not recommend granite is if the rest of the home needed to much work and the granite would look out of place.


In other words if the cabinets are from the 1960’s, the carpets need replacement, the baths are dated and the home needs a paint job adding just granite counters would look out of place. It would be silly to invest money in counters when a home needs so much more!


You can bet your bottom dollar that adding granite counters and stainless steel appliances adds that WOW factor that people are looking for. In real estate sales that is all that matters! A client walking around with a smile on their face is the potential for a real estate contract shortly thereafter.


Well there you have it folks. Expert advice on whether or not you should upgrade to granite counter tops when selling your home. A big thank you Bill for helping to answer this question!



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