Ugly But Honest News 10-8-2016

Real estate housing and economic news round up for October 8 2016


Short But Sweet:  The Benefits Of Owning A Green Home


Good Not Great:  BLS Reports Employment Increased by 156,000 and Unemployment Rate Was 5.0%


Landlords Rejoice While Renters Weep:  Rents Are Going to Rise the Fastest in These 10 US Cities


Holidays Should Be Spent With Loved Ones Not Buying Crap:  Mall of America Takes a Stand Against Shopping on Thanksgiving


Like Anderson:  Real Estate Investors on U.S. Coasts Target Cheap, Out-of-State Markets


They Will Investigate, Create Soundbites, Dispense Wrist Slaps, Nothing Changes:  14 Senators Call for Criminal Investigation of Wells Fargo


Must Read:  Our National Treasure


Disturbing:  Since 2014 The US Has Added 547,000 Waiters And Bartenders And Lost 32,000 Manufacturing Workers


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